Articles by William Kilpatrick:

A Dark-Forces Assault on the Church?

A Strategy for Fighting the Cold War with Islam

A Turning Point in History

An Invented Tale?

Are Muslims Our Natural Allies?

Are We Losing the Apologetics War with Islam?

Breaking the Code

Can the Church Recover Its Fighting Spirit?

Christian Misunderstanders of Islam

Christianity and Cultural Survival

Christianity, Islam, and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West.
An Interview with William Kilpatrick (by Jamie Glazov)

Eastern European Resistance to Islamization

Expert: Islam demands subjugation of Christians.
Interview with William Kilpatrick (by Anita Crane)

“Family-Friendly” Islam Comes to Europe

Good Islam vs. Bad Islam

Has the Church in the U.S. Succumbed to the Charms of Islam?

Hijacking Jesus

Islam: A Giant Step Backwards for Humanity

Islam, Realism, and the Church

Islamic Family Values

Islam’s Religious Exemption From Criticism

Islam’s Thousand Year War on Christendom

Needed: A New Church Policy Toward Islam, part 1

Needed: A New Church Policy Toward Islam, part 2

Needed: A New Church Policy Toward Islam, part 3

Medina—The First Muslim Refugee Resettlement Program

Multiculturalism: Islamic Style

Pope Francis, Indifferentism, and Islamization

Questioning the Koran

Should Christian Leaders Defend Islam?

The Church and Islam: The Next Cover-up Scandal

The Day the Music Died

The Islamist-Nazi Connection

The New Primitives

The Silence of the Lambs

The Sri Lanka Terrorists: Martyrs or Murderers?

The Vast Majority Myth

Was Muhammad a False Prophet?

What Catholics Need to Know About Islam

When Secularism Is Not Enough

Wise As Serpents? is established by a Danish private person. He is a Christian and calls himself Bombadillo. The purpose is to bring objective information about Islam. The hope is to contribute to the demolition of Islam in Denmark and elsewhere. In this truth is a good means.
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