Islam's Immigrant Invasion of Europe
By Serge Trifkovic

Danish translation: Islams immigrant-invasion af Europa
Source:, January 6, 2003
Published on November 30, 2015

Part 13 in a series of excerpts adapted by Robert Locke from Dr. Serge Trifkovic’s book The Sword of the Prophet: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam. See the entire series below.

Exactly the same problem is present in each and every Western country that has carelessly opened the floodgates to mass immigration from the Muslim world. An early sign of what was about to hit England came almost 20 years ago in a document published by the Islamic Foundation in the industrial city of Leicester, 100 miles north of London. According to this official publication, the Islamic Movement is,

“an organized struggle to change the existing society into an Islamic society based on the Koran and the Sunna and make Islam, which is a code for entire life, supreme and dominant, especially in the socio-political spheres… the ultimate objective of the Islamic movement shall not be realized unless the struggle is made by locals. For it is only they who have the power to change the society into an Islamic society.”

Twenty years ago, there were voices in the West – even eminently enlightened, anti-racist, post-nationalist, liberal voices – raising concerns and wondering what sense is there in respecting those who don’t respect us, what sense is there in defending their culture when they scorn ours.

The reaction back then was the same as today. When Italian writer Oriana Fallaci declared “I want to defend ours and I am informing you that I prefer Dante to Omar Khayam,” the sky came crashing down. They crucified her: “Racist! Racist!” And she was a color-blind, ultra-tolerant, diversity-conscious Leftist! Lesser brave souls naturally preferred to remain silent.

Since then, jihad has never had it so good. The Moslem population of the world has been exploding, not only in Asia and Africa but also in Europe and the United States. Unlike the Western democracies, China, Japan and India, all of which try to control the birth rate in order to raise living standards, most Muslim countries regard demography as a political weapon. They will gladly export their surplus population to Europe and America, aware that the bigger the diaspora, the greater the political influence it will exert, and the more concessions the Islamic world will be able to extort from the West.

Maintaining the loyalty of the dispersed Muslim diaspora has been a top priority. For that reason, Islamic religious instruction in the newly-planted Muslim communities on both sides of the Atlantic has been carried out by immigrant imams who have a clear agenda aimed at inculcating their Western-born wards with disdain and even hatred for their surroundings.

A bomb blast that damaged parked cars and shattered windows near the Interior Ministry in downtown Rome in February 2002 was preceded only days earlier by the discovery of a tunnel that suspected Muslim terrorists were digging in the vicinity the U.S. embassy in the Italian capital, apparently intending to carry out a chemical attack. A year earlier the embassy was closed for several days following the information that an attack was imminent.

When four Moroccans were arrested in Rome on February 21, 2002, and found to be in possession of maps showing the city water supply grid and a substance containing cyanide, the Romani were thrown into panic. Many people realized that Muslim terrorism is not something that happens only to others, and wondered how many similar threats to their lives may remain uncovered. Leaked reports to the press said the Moroccans were linked to al-Qaeda’s European network, four of whose members were due to be sentenced in Milan the following day.

On February 22, 2002, the Milanese court convicted the four. Essid Sami Ben Khemais, 33-year-old known among his associates as “the Sabre” and suspected of heading Osama bin Laden’s European logistics, pleaded guilty to charges that included criminal conspiracy to obtain and transport arms, explosives and chemicals, and was sentenced to five years in prison. Three other Tunisians who were tried with him – Belgacem Mohamed Ben Aouadi, Bouchoucha Mokhtar and Charaabi Tarek – were convicted on the same charges and sentenced to prison terms of up to five years. They also fabricated false documents that allowed al-Qaeda operatives to travel in Europe and elsewhere. The Tunisians requested and received a fast-track trial, reducing the maximum sentence of nine years to six. Stefano Dambruoso, for the prosecution, said that, since 11 September, “it is the first verdict in Europe that recognizes the existence on European territory of a cell strongly linked to the center in Afghanistan.” Ben Khemais is also suspected of having supervised a planned attack on the American embassy in Rome in January 2001, although he is not charged in that case.

Milan’s main Islamic cultural center is strongly suspected of being Bin Laden’s principal logistics base in Europe. The Italian anti-terrorism police, the Digos, say that the Milan group recruited terrorists and sent them to Afghanistan and provided cover, false documents, jobs and cash for al-Qaeda operatives in Europe. Three hundred miles to the south, in Rome, the leader of an associated Islamic terrorist ring, Ahamad Naseer, was the leader of a small makeshift mosque near the city’s main train station until his arrest in March 2002. Chihab Goumri, an Algerian accused of being the courier of the cell first started frequenting the mosque to have assistance for a physical handicap resulting from the loss of his left leg in an accident in the early 1990s.

Ben Khemais’s and Chaib Goiumri’s rise through Islamic terrorist ranks has been put on hold, for a while. There are scores of others who have gone into hiding, and the fresh recruits who arrive on Europe’s shores every day. Since the September 11 terrorist attacks police and prosecutors in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium and Britain have made scores of arrests and uncovered what they suspect is a large and interconnected network of Muslim terrorists. America may be the primary target, but Europe is the breeding ground.

“UK mosques prey to terror” warned a recent headline in the London Times, and the article explained that this was partly due to the British Home Office routinely approving priority entry into the country to Muslim clerics from countries such as Pakistan who speak no English and don’t want to control extremists who took over their mosques. [1] The British security services, like the government, have long been in a state of denial regarding the Islamist threat. There has been no serious effort to develop and enhance intelligence coverage and analysis capability; nor was the recruitment of Arabic speakers made a priority. Time and again the British courts have interpreted the criminal, asylum, and terrorism laws in the manner damaging to the security of the Realm and favorable to the Islamic underground. British police have repeatedly ignored warnings that the recruiting agents for extremist groups prey on mosques, universities and community centers. There are now over three hundred after-hours schools run by militant groups all over Britain in which the children are indoctrinated, Taliban style.

“We will remodel this country in an Islamic image,” responds Syrian-born Sheikh Omar bin Bakri, a foremost Islamic leader in Britain, who is active in “the struggle against racism and discrimination” to which the Muslims in Britain are supposedly subjected. At the same time he belongs to The International Islamic Front for Jihad against Jews and Crusaders, founded by Bin Laden, and boasts:

“We collect funds to be able to carry on the struggle; we recruit militiamen; and sometimes we take care of these groups’ propaganda requirements in Europe.” [2]

Bakri also heads the London branch of Hizb Al-Tahrir (Islamic Revolutionary Party), which has some 50 branches all over Western Europe. When the Afghan war started in October 2001, Bakri declared:

“We will replace the Bible with the Koran… Christians have to learn that they cannot do this to Islam. We will not allow our brothers to be colonialised. If they try it, Britain will turn into Bosnia.” [3]

Remarkably, this same Mr. Bakri, who does not care that the Bible has long been replaced in Great Britain by Mr. Blair’s therapeutic state, was expelled from Saudi Arabia in 1985 as a dangerous agitator for creating Al-Muhajirun, a branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Party. He has lived in London since 1986, drawing $ 500 a week in welfare, and calling on young Muslims to take up arms against the “opponents of Islam” – ultimately meaning everyone who is not Muslim, or who does not subscribe to his vision of Islam. While living in Britain at its taxpayers’ expense he denounces it as “the spearhead of blasphemy that seeks to overthrow Muslims and the Islamic caliphate.”

We can only guess how many thousands of Bakris operate freely in Boston, Michigan, or New Jersey, or, for that matter, in Paris, Berlin, Toronto, Amsterdam, or Milan. They take full advantage of the host-countries’ laws and often operate under the guise of charities. A notable example was the International Development Foundation, with offices in London’s Curzon Street, which was named in a French parliamentary report in 2001 as a financial front for al-Qaeda. Its trustees were four brothers belonging to the wealthy bin Mahfouz family, one of Saudi Arabia’s most powerful, with a fortune estimated at over four billion dollars.

“Our own legal framework stops us from dealing with extremist religion,” concludes a Pakistani-born British Anglican who grew up as a Muslim. Historically, Islam has never learned to live as a minority and cannot reconstruct itself in Western societies:

“My own feeling is that what will happen in the British society - I am waiting to see whether it will happen in the U.S. - is Muslim societies will emerge within Western countries where they will develop their own patterns of social sharia [Islamic law]. In Britain today, where Islam controls the inner cities, we have major social exclusion and the development of sharia. We have had churches burned, Christians attacked and a mission center destroyed. The media has deliberately kept everything off the air.” [4]

By allowing a vast and so far utterly unsupervised subculture of intrinsically hostile non-Western immigrants to emerge within their societies, the developed nations have permitted the emergence of an alternative social and political structure in their midst in which terrorists can operate virtually undetected. By seeking to appease it by granting it special privileges, the host countries only prompt laughter at our stupidity and demands for more. Examples abound.

In Germany the highest court in the land ruled in January 2002 that Muslim butchers should be allowed to slaughter animals according to Islamic practice, by slitting their throats and letting them bleed to death, and without stunning them first in any way. German law says animals cannot be slaughtered without first being stunned, but the constitutional court has now overturned it. The head of Germany’s Islamic Council, Hasan Oezdogan, declared that this will be “an important step in the integration of Muslims in Germany.” [5] If and when the Constitutional Court allows clitoridectomy for Germany’s Muslim girls, presumably another important step will be made, but that integration will be complete only when Pakistanis in Britain, Algerians in France, and Turks in Germany turn the host country into an Islamic society by compelling it to adapt to their way of life.

Bosnian Muslims are the second-largest immigrant group in Germany, and it maintains close ties with the Turkish community. [6] Already a decade ago, with the number of Muslim residents approaching three million and the number of mosque associations exceeding 2,000, the writing was on the German wall:

“The Turks in Berlin constitute a social problem without a solution. There are entire sections of the city closed in on themselves that support a parallel and hostile culture, with no kind of symbiosis with the German culture. And the Magrebins have done the same thing in Marseilles [France]. The very opposite of integration, their objective is to organize society according to the Koran. Islam is a way of life that annuls any separation between the religious, civil and political reality.” [7]

Also in 1991, in Australia, a Muslim scholar suggested that polygamy should be legalized and rape in marriage abolished as an impossibility: “a woman should not be able to charge her husband with rape.” [8]

On the other side of the Channel, where five million Muslims live and create one-third of all newborn “French” babies, an early campaign of Islamic terror was initiated by a Tunisian named Fouad Salah, who was convicted in 1992 of setting off bombs that killed thirteen Frenchmen in terrorist campaign during 1985-86. He told the judge:

“I do not renounce my fight against the West… We Muslims should kill every last one of you.”

Imam Abdelali Hamdoune urges the faithful:

“Do not permit your children to follow the example of the French. They should comport themselves in a totally different manner than the French. Here in France we have to impose ourselves, and impose Islam.” [9]

Accordingly, in France and all over Western Europe, demands are presented for businesses employing Muslims to observe the Islamic calendar, or for state schools to be segregated by sex and include the tenets of Islam in the curriculum. Everywhere they demand that their daughters be allowed to wear the traditional headscarf, or hijab, claiming that it is more a cultural than a religious symbol. In France, they have already prevailed.

Spain is next. A Moroccan girl, Fatima el Hadi, only months after arriving in Madrid caused a controversy for refusing to wear a uniform in a semiprivate Roman Catholic school in Madrid and insisting on the hijab. Her father is now suing the Spanish state for discrimination. [10] “Why should she stop wearing a scarf when the Christian girls wear little crosses?” asks Tomas Calvo, head of the Migration and Racism Study Center at Madrid University. [11] Gaspar Llamazares, leader of the United Left coalition, described the issue as “racist” and “another example of the government's intolerance.”

At the same time, and contrary to the media-promoted stereotypes of the community of “law-abiding citizens,” Muslim immigrants account for disproportionate number of serious crimes in all West European countries. An Algerian Islamic group carried out the only anti-Jewish terrorist attack Europe in 1995, the attempted bombing of a Jewish school near Lyons. From Birmingham to Berlin anti-Semitism is now primarily a Muslim phenomenon in today’s Europe. Muslims immigrants on both sides of the Atlantic are the most vibrant contributors to Jew-hatred, boldly using the terms of crude anti-Semitic propaganda unheard since Julius Streicher edited Der Stürmer.

In Denmark, where predominantly Muslim immigrants account for 68% of rapes, Islamic “community leaders” went out of their way to describe rape as “un-Islamic.” [12] Perhaps they have not read the Koran. In the Netherlands police had difficulty controlling joyous demonstrations by young Moroccans celebrating the attacks of September 11.

In Italy, currently [2002] home to over a million Muslims, Islamic leaders are demanding the destruction of a priceless 15th century fresco in Bologna that “offends Islam” by showing—they claim--Mohammed being cast into Hell. The Union of Italian Muslims has written to the Pope, saying the fresco “constitutes an even graver offence to the religion than that caused by Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses.” In Turin last October, prominent imam Bouriki Bouchta, the leader of two of the city’s five mosques, defended bin Laden and called for the “end of the West.” That city of Turin, the capital of Piedmont that created Italy, now resembles Algiers, Dacca, or Tripoli. As Oriana Fallaci laments, in Venice the pigeons of Piazza San Marco have been replaced by little rugs with “merchandise,” and even Othello would feel ill at ease, while in Genoa the marvelous palazzi, that Rubens so admired have been seized by them and are now perishing like beautiful women who have been raped. The claim that the problem is “insoluble” is bogus, and has always been so:

“I’ll never forget the way these stowaways filled the piazzas of Italy with assemblies last year to clamor for visas. Those distorted, savage faces. Those raised fists, threatening. Those baleful voices that took me back to the Teheran of Khomeini. I’ll never forget it because I felt offended by their bullying in my home, and because I felt made fun of by the ministers who told us: 'We’d like to deport them but we don’t know where they’re hiding.' Bastards! There were thousands of them in those piazzas and they sure as hell weren’t hiding. To deport them all they had to do was put them in line, please-right-this-way-sir, and escort them to a port or airport.”

In Rome, “where the cynicism of a politics of every falsehood and every color courts them in the hope of obtaining their future votes,” the Pope himself protects those who demand that the teaching of Dante be suspended in Italian schools because he had Mohammed cast in his Inferno.


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Robert Locke is Associate Editor of Front Page Magazine.

Serge Trifkovic received his PhD from the University of Southampton in England and pursued postdoctoral research at the Hoover Institution at Stanford. His past journalistic outlets have included the BBC World Service, the Voice of America, CNN International, MSNBC, U.S. News & World Report, The Washington Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Times of London, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. He is foreign affairs editor of Chronicles.

His books about Islam are:

The Sword of the Prophet: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and
Defeating Jihad: How the War on Terror May Yet Be Won, in Spite of Ourselves

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